2023 2nd International Symposium on Control Engineering and Robotics(ISCER 2023)

Keynote Speaker, Prof. Teng Li


Prof. Teng Li, Shandong University, China

Experience: Teng Li, Professor of School of Control Science and Engineering at Shandong University,  graduated from the University of British Columbia. He dedicates his research on robotics and intelligent  unmanned systems, focusing on the theories of time series forecasting and spatial field analysis using  deep learning and artificial intelligence, and further implementing on the applications of structural and  environmental monitoring. He has published over 30 papers including IEEE Transactions on Systems,  Man, and Cybernetics: System and other leading journals and conferences. He is the executive director  of the SDU-Fengshuo Intelligent Technology Center, the Program Co-Chair of ISBIR 2022, the  Publication Chair of IEEE ICCSE 2021, the Session Co-Chair of IEEE/RSJ IROS 2017, the Technical  Program Committee member of HP3C 2023 and CSCWD 2022, the Local Arrangement Committee  member of IEEE CASE 2019. He is also the Reviewer Committee member of Electronics and  Mechatronic Systems and Control. He serves as the Committee member of the National Contest of  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Shandong Province). He has participated in many international and  national academic conferences and has been invited to give presentations at the University of Toronto,  Chinese University of Hong Kong, and other research institutes.

李腾,山东大学控制科学与工程学院研究员,博士毕业于英属哥伦比亚大学,长期从 事机器人与智能无人系统方向的研究工作,专注于运用深度学习方法与人工智能技术,解决时间 序列预测与空间场数值分析问题,并将理论研究广泛应用于结构与环境的智能无人监测领域。共 发表论文 30 余篇,代表性论文发表于 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: System  等国际顶级期刊与国际旗舰会议,谷歌学术引用 1000 余次。近两年主持或参与科研项目总经费超过 500 万元。担任山东大学-丰烁智能技术研究中心执行主任,ISBIR 2022 程序委员会副主席, IEEE ICCSE 2021 出版主席,IEEE/RSJ IROS 2017 分会场副主席,HP3C 2023 程序委员会委员,  IEEE CSCWD 2022 程序委员会委员,IEEE CASE 2019 组织委员会成员,Electronics、Mechatronic  Systems and Control 等期刊审稿委员会成员,中国机器人及人工智能大赛(山东省赛区)组委会 委员。多次参与 IEEE IROS、IEEE SMC、CAC 等国内外学术会议,曾受邀于多伦多大学、香港 中文大学等国内外研究机构进行学术报告。